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Web/UI/ Visual Designer

Pen & Paper 

November '21-February '22





Establishing an effective strategy for branding including visual design.



Re-design of logo to include different regions of operations.



Re-design of website and visual design to ease user experience.



Visual design and content for wholesale platform. 

- Understanding the challenge - 

The core challenge was to re-design a website of the well-established bridal fashion brand that operates on the market since 1995. Nevertheless, starting the business without website and social media, in the new era the brand needs to follow current trends coming with the fast growth of technology. The first website created for Bajabella started to be problematic for gaining new customers and difficult to be used by many current clients. As a manufacturer and a wholesaler, the main buyers for Bajabella are private bridal shops and boutiques which are in need to make orders easy and at any time without calls or numerous emails. 

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As the company is an established manufacturer and produce accessories to the other well-know businesses globally, it was crucial to reach out to those experts. When preparing I kept the questions open for ability to gather more in-depth insights on their needs and/or areas for improvements. In this phase it was crucial for me to sustain unbiased so that I could spot the pain points. 

The interviews were conducted online through a call on Teams and different areas of Bajabella's user flow was discussed. 

Persona development 

I further quickly coded responses from interviews and found that placing orders was the main issue for Bajabella as a wholesaler, and so far majority of orders were placed through phone calls or emails. The clients found it problematic to place the same order numerous time and sometimes it could take days for the order to be fully placed. 

The persona is a Bridal Boutique Owner who needs to place orders in bulk quickly and easily, so that it can be delivered on time for the customer. 



The main page was replaced by the landing page with the new, modern logo and ability to choose a region. Hence, the customer can contact the right person within company responsible for the clients from the country, as well as have the page in the right language.


Typography has been changes to more consistent fonts and easier to red for a user. The new layout has been introduced without bulky text that was unappealing and hard to read, as well as outdated. The test has been accompanied with new pictures that give a better sense of brand as a manufacturer. 


Similarly, the About Us page has been changed to be consistent with the new typography and iconography. The description of the business is now  with the main key facts and easy to read. Moreover, the new page now includes photography that well-represents the brand and company main activity. 


The new 'Contact' page has been modernised with the form for direct contact, as well as information or different contact means according to regions of operations. 


- wholesale platform  - 


Created a complex platform for wholesale orders in partnership with Faire, a wholesale marketplace. This way brand can reach millions of independent retailers globally and establish an effective communication flow.

- responsive web design  - 


The responsive website has been created for different devices such as laptop and mobile phone. The dynamic changes has been applied to the appearance o a website, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view. 

- Focused on the mobile -

The website has been adjusted for the users and the need to view wholesale platform on the mobile or the quickest and easiest process to place orders. 

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